We Ship Worldwide

We can arrange secure shipping anywhere in the world.

Shipping to anywhere in continental USA is currently FREE!

For shipping costs out of continental USA, Contact Us about the painting in which you are interested and where it is to be shipped. We will respond quickly. 

A few words about packing, shipping & frames

We don’t like to leave anything to chance when packing and shipping these works of art, so currently we are having UPS do all of the packing, shipping and insuring. I feel more comfortable having one party handle everything so there is no finger pointing if an insurance claim happens to come up! What is ultimately achieved in the packing process is a work of art virtually “floating” in the middle of the package! We feel that there is no such thing as “overkill” when it comes to packing and shipping fine art. You can rest assured that your masterpiece, a unique Croatian Naïve painting of oil on glass, will arrive to you in perfect condition!

A brief word about frames: Most of the frames are in Very Good to Excellent condition, but due to the fact that many have been around for years and they all have been packed and shipped from thousands of miles away, they may show some wear and tear.  Personally, we feel that in most cases any slight blemishes the frame may have add character to the piece. Also, many of the frames are put on by the artists themselves, and who better to select the color and type of frame than the original artist? Framed by the artist, your painting becomes a "complete work of art." I am sure you understand how much that adds to the value of the painting.