The Art

Naive art is generally accepted as artwork produced by self-taught artists or those who are not trained in classical academic methods. The work tends to be childlike, often with bold, unrefined colors, exaggerated detail and, frequently, distortions in perspective and proportion.

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The Artists

Most of these artists are from a region in Croatia called Podravina. Many come from the small town of Hlebine on the Drava River near the Hungarian border about 50 miles from the capitol city Zagreb.

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The Curator

Mr. Jim Nannen, curator of Croatian Naive Art speaks on the history and evolution of reverse glass painting and his quest to gather these paintings before the art is lost.

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The fabulous picture arrived yesterday morning at my office. The packing was exemplary and kept it in perfect condition. We are so happy with it and I'm sure we'll continue to enjoy it for years to come.


Keith N.